Boeing 737-800 freighter

WestJet Cargo 737-800 BCF freighter plane

We want to be able to offer our customers the best cargo service possible and as such, are excited to bring the next generation of freighters to Canada: the Boeing 737-800 BCF, the world’s most efficient and reliable standard body freighter. Our new dedicated freighter fleet enables us to expand our cargo services beyond our existing passenger destinations and belly cargo options. We can now offer more capacity, more routes and more often so you can take your shipments and your business further, all with the same care you’ve come to expect with WestJet Cargo.

Usable cargo dimensions/weights

Cargo information

Cargo capacity (weight) 23,950 kg (52,800 lb)
Cargo capacity (volume) 6,624 ft3/187.6 m3
Range 4,830 km (2.609 nmi)
Compatible units AKE, AAY, RKN, PMC, PAJ, PKC
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ULD sizes

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