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Live Animals

Benefits At A Glance

Comfort, care, and calm: our three principles for animal well-being 
  • Caring expertise at every stage
  • Priority¬† booking status
  • Priority handling including loading and unloading
  • Extensive WestJet network, both domestically and internationally, with interline partners worldwide
  • Live shipment tracking capabilities
  • Examples of accepted animals:
    • Birds
    • Day old chicks
    • Hatching eggs
    • Rodents and small fur-bearing animals (i.e. hamsters and rabbits)
    • Other animals (including specialist shipments for zoos and conservation projects)
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  • A complete Shipper's Certificate for Live Animals is a mandatory requirement
  • Containers and packaging used for the transportation of live animals by air must meet the requirements of the LAR in terms of construction, ventilation, safety, animal welfare and health, feeding and watering.

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