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Fuel Surcharge


We value your business and aim to provide exceptional cargo services. To ensure reliable and viable operations, we include a fuel surcharge. This will address the fluctuating global jet fuel prices. Adding a fuel surcharge will allow us to transparently manage incremental operational costs.

The rate becomes effective as of June 16th, 2024 and will remain until further notice

USD per barrel Short Haul Long Haul
less than 110 0.05 0.10

The rate becomes effective as of June 16th, 2024  and will continue until further notice.

Week USD per barrel
27-May-2024 till 31-May-2024
USD 100.42
20-May-2024 till 24-May-2024 USD 99.97
13-May-2024 till 17-May-2024 USD 102.20
6-May-2024 till 10-May-2024
USD 102.73
29-April-2024 till 3-May-2024
USD 104.56

Domestic Kennel Fuel Surcharge Rate

All domestic kennels are subject to a fuel surcharge flat fee of $5.00 per AWB. This is applicable to only non-account holders of WestJet Cargo. Account holders will have a fuel surcharge based on chargeable weight.

O&D Haul Overview

  • Short haul

    Origin Destination
    Canada Canada
    United States
    South and Latin America
    United States
    South and Latin America
    South and Latin America Canada
    United States

    Charges applied are USD, CAD, GBP and EUR, based on the currency of origin.

    USD per barrel Short Haul
    less than 220 0.60
    less than 210 0.55
    less than 200 0.50
    less than 190
    less than 180 0.40
    less than 170 0.35
    less than 160 0.30
    less than 150 0.25
    less than 140 0.20
    less than 130 0.15
    less than 120 0.10
    less than 110 0.05
    less than 100 0.00


  • Long haul

    Origin Destination
    Canada Asia and Middle East
     United States Asia and Middle East
    South and Latin America Asia and Middle East
    Asia and Middle East All
    Europe All

    Charges applied are USD, CAD, GBP and EUR, based on the currency of origin.

    USD per barrel Long Haul
    less than 220 1.20
    less than 210 1.10
    less than 200 1.00
    less than 190
    less than 180 0.80
    less than 170 0.70
    less than 160 0.60
    less than 150 0.50
    less than 140 0.40
    less than 130 0.30
    less than 120 0.20
    less than 110 0.10
    less than 100 0.00


Step 1

Fuel Price Review

  • Review the average fuel price for North America's Jet Fuel during the first week of each month, covering the previous four weeks.
  • Utilize the IATA Jet Fuel Price Monitor for North America to determine the price per barrel, accessible on the IATA website.
  • IATA sources its latest price data from leading energy information provider, Platts. For detailed methodology, visit the S&P Global Platts website.

Step 2

Notification and Monitoring

  • Notification of fuel surcharge changes (increase or decrease) will be given two weeks in advance of the effective date.
  • Monitor the average jet fuel price from the 1st to the 30th of each month on the IATA website, updated every Tuesday.
  • Determine the applicable fuel surcharge on the first Tuesday of the following month (e.g., October 3rd) and communicate it on our website.
  • Apply the fuel surcharge to all airway bills executed from the 16th of that month onward.

Step 3

Surcharge Calculation

  • The fuel surcharge is determined by USD per barrel, as detailed in Fuel Surcharge Index.
  • The surcharge also considers flight categorization, distinguishing between short and long-haul flights, detailed in the O&D Haul Overview.

Step 4

Application of Surcharge

  • Incorporate the fuel surcharge as "MYC" under other charges on the WestJet airway bill.
  • Calculate the fuel surcharge based on the chargeable weight of shipments.
  • Apply the fuel surcharge to all product types, weight breaks, and rate types, including published, contracts, and spot rates.

Yes, fuel surcharge are a standard practice in the air cargo industry, addressing the fluctuating nature of aviation jet fuel costs. 

We are honoring our commitment to all-in pricing up to USD 100 per barrel, upon which the IATA summer season pricing was based. While some providers might raise the “all-in” rates to accommodate these increased fuel costs, WestJet Cargo takes a different approach. We opt for transparency in our rate calculation methodology; this commitment enables us to offer a stable cargo service while being upfront about the factors influencing cost.

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