Meet our new freighters

WestJet Cargo’s 737-800 BCF freighter fleet

More routes. More capacity. More often.

WestJet Cargo has always gone above and beyond to provide safe and reliable shipping for our customers and their businesses. With our expanded cargo services and new dedicated freighters, we’re taking our commitment to our cargo customers even further.

We are excited to bring the next generation of freighters to Canada as we expand our cargo services to take your shipments and your business further.

Where you need us

Gone are the days of relying only on passenger planes and routes for shipments. With the introduction of our new dedicated freighters, we will be able to plan new, customized routes and increased frequency, all based on the individual needs of our cargo customers.

We can offer faster shipping services to many destinations throughout Canada, including to those more remote locations where there may be supply chain challenges.

When you need us

WestJet Cargo understands the diverse needs of our customers and that sometimes they need to move their cargo faster than the commercial schedule might allow. Our dedicated freighter fleet will give our customers more options for when and where they want to ship than ever before, and all with the same care you’ve come to expect from WestJet Cargo.

Shipping with options

Our new fleet of 737-800BCF freighters and our expanded service will bring value and a competitive option to the Canadian cargo landscape. 

GTA Group

Our cargo business continues to grow

In spring 2002, we announced that WestJet Cargo and the GTA Group will work together to support the expansion and growth of domestic cargo opportunities for both businesses*.

The GTA Group of companies offers a variety of aviation related services including cargo handling and sales. Together we will increase shipping capacity using four dedicated 737-800 NG freighters operated by WestJet, to fulfill overnight express cargo service out of our Toronto hub. These freighter aircraft are perfectly suited for overnight express freight offering increased flexibility, frequency and value. In addition, WestJet Cargo will further support the GTA Group’s service through our existing cargo business that uses the bellies of our commercial fleet.

Together we will be better able to meet the growing needs of our cargo customers who depend on our reliable and on-time performance

*Flights operated by WestJet