Understanding Our Fuel Surcharge Mechanism

We value your business and aim to provide exceptional cargo services. To ensure reliable and viable operations, we are introducing a fuel surcharge. This will address the fluctuating global jet fuel prices. Adding a fuel surcharge will allow us to transparently manage incremental operational costs.

Effective date is February 19, 2024

USD per barrel Short Haul Long Haul
less than 120 0.10 0.20

The average North America fuel price of the last 4 weeks has been USD 111.32 

Week USD per barrel
1-Jan-24 5-Jan-24  USD 105.25
8-Jan-24 12-Jan-24  USD 108.89
15-Jan-24 19-Jan-24  USD 110.34
22-Jan-24 26-Jan-24  USD 115.92
29-Jan-24 2-Feb-24  USD 116.22 


Methodology overview

Step 1

The average fuel price for North America Jet Fuel will be reviewed during the first week of each month for the previous four weeks.

  • IATA Jet Fuel Price Monitor for North America will be used to establish price per barrel and is available on the IATA website.
  • IATA provides the latest price data from the leading energy information provider Platts. The full detail of the methodology can be found on the S&P Global Platts website.

Step 2

The notification period will be two weeks prior to the effective date of the updated surcharge (increase or decrease). For example, we will:

  • Monitor average jet fuel price from September 1st to 30th on the IATA website, which is published every Tuesday. 
  • Determine applicable fuel surcharge on October 3rd (first Tuesday of October), communicated on our website. 
  • Apply fuel surcharge on all airwaybills executed on October 16th and onwards. 

Step 3

The fuel surcharge applied is determined by USD per barrel, detailed in the fuel surcharge index in Table A. Surcharge will also consider if the flight is categorized as short or long haul, which is detailed in Table B.

Step 4

Fuel surcharge will be applied as follows:

  • The fuel surcharge will be incorporated as other charges due carrier on the WestJet airwaybill, designated by the charge code "MYC."
  • The fuel surcharge will be calculated based on the chargeable weight of shipments. 
  • The fuel surcharge will be applicable to all types of products, weight breaks and rate types including published, contracts, and spot rates.

Fuel surcharge index

Charges applied are USD, CAD, GBP and EURO, based on the currency of origin.

Table A

USD per barrel Short Haul  Long Haul
 less than 220 0.60 1.20
less than 210 0.55 1.10
less than 200 0.50 1.00
less than 190 0.45 0.90
less than 180 0.40 0.80
less than 170 0.35 0.70
less than 160 0.30 0.60
less than 150 0.25 0.50
less than 140 0.20 0.40
less than 130 0.15 0.30
less than 120 0.10 0.20
less than 110 0.05 0.12
less than 100 0.00 0.00

O&D haul overview

Table B

Haul Type  Origin  Destination
Short Haul Canada Canada
Short Haul Canada United States
Short Haul Canada South and Latin America
Long Haul  Canada Europe
Long Haul  Canada Asia and Middle East
Short Haul United States Canada
Short Haul United States South and Latin America
Long Haul United States Europe
Long Haul United States Asia and Middle East
Short Haul South and Latin America Canada
Short Haul South and Latin America United States
Long Haul  South and Latin America Europe
Long Haul  South and Latin America Asia
Long Haul  Europe All
Long Haul Asia and Middle East All

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