Frequently asked questions    

Have a question before you ship a package or pet by air cargo? There is a good chance someone else was wondering the same thing.

General cargo

Import requirements are dictated by the country you are shipping to. It is your responsibility to be aware of all applicable regulations and provide all necessary documentation. There may be import requirements from numerous regulatory agencies including, but not limited to, customs, food and agriculture, and commerce. You must ensure that all required documentation is provided with your shipment at the time you tender it for shipping.

It is also your responsibility to arrange for a customs broker to handle clearance of your shipment when it arrives in destination. Failure to have a broker in place and/or have the necessary documents for import may result in your shipment being delayed or seized by authorities. WestJet is not responsible for shipments that are delayed or refused due to improper documentation or approvals. You will be responsible for any additional fines or charges for importation or to have the shipment returned to its point of origin.

You do not need to have an account to ship with WestJet Cargo.

A credit application is available on our site for any guest who wants to create an account with WestJet (some conditions apply). You can sign up here.

Yes. For the current weight and size limitations please visit the Shipping process page.

You do not need to have an account to ship with WestJet Cargo.

Yes. Please see the Cargo facility hours of operation.

Cargo facility hours of operation will vary. To view the current hours of operation for all cargo stations, please see the Cargo facility hours of operation.

WestJet currently offers airport to airport service.

WestJet Cargo makes every effort to ensure your shipment travels on the flight that it is booked on. In the event of a last-minute change, or cancellation of your booking, WestJet Cargo will contact you (the shipper) immediately. For this reason, it’s extremely important to provide accurate contact information when making your booking. Please include a 24-hour contact number to make sure that we‘re able to make arrangements in case of an unforeseen event.

WestJet Cargo only accepts payment for shipment via account holders. If you don’t have a WestJet Cargo account, you may pay with a major credit card, or pre-paid credit card. Please note: WestJet Cargo does not accept cash as a form of payment.

Shipping pets

Please note that not all cities served by WestJet have cargo facilities. Please see our list of WestJet Cargo offices.

Please also note that we cannot accommodate all types of live animals at all times of year. Please view our Restrictions and embargoes page for more information. Our cargo agents will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

Pets cannot be shipped on flight with more than one connection. For flight routings that require more than one connection, we may be able to offer your pet a comfort stop in Calgary or Toronto. For more information on comfort stops, inquire with one of our cargo service and sales agents when you are making your kennel booking. 

Depending on the cargo facility your pet will be departing from, tender and retrieval times may vary. 

All of our aircraft’s cargo holds are pressurized and dark during flight. Most pets will sleep inflight. Your animal’s kennel will be secured and placed to provide maximum ventilation. There may be other animals on the same flight as your pet. Please see our Pet and kennels page for further details.

No. A combination of animals in the same kennel is not permitted.

Pets transported as cargo must be carried in airline-approved kennels which meet specific safety requirements. Please view our Kennel guidelines for further details.

No. You do not have to travel to send your pet to a destination serviced by WestJet Cargo.

In the event that an unpreventable circumstance (eg. weather) causes a flight to be cancelled or delayed, WestJet Cargo will contact the shipper immediately. For this reason it is very important to provide accurate contact information when making your booking. Please include a 24-hour contact number to make sure we are able to make arrangements in case of an unforeseen event.

  • If you are shipping an animal that is aged 8 to 12 weeks, or it has had recent surgery, you must provide records to go with the animal. Also, you (the shipper) must comply with all carrier and IATA Live Animal Regulations that include:
  • Finalizing the route and any special care required upon making the booking and prior to acceptance;
  • Ensuring that containers or kennels provided conform to IATA's Live Animals Regulations;
  • Providing a record of any medication given (eg. type of drug, dosage, time given). This information must accompany veterinary documentation and a copy must be affixed to the container;
  • Providing a 24-hour phone number on the kennel;
  • Advising the receiving party of flight details in order to arrange for immediate retrieval upon arrival at destination;
  • Ensuring the animal is fit to be transported by air.

As per IATA's Live Animal Regulations we are responsible for verifying the presence of all mandatory documents, if applicable:

  • Air waybill
  • Shipper's certification for live animals
  • Health certificate (if sedated)
  • A completed checklist for live animals
  • WestJet assumes no responsibility for the care or feeding of pets while in transit, so it is important that you prepare your pet for its journey.