Warehouse capabilities

YHZ - Halifax, NS

Warehouse location

Gateway Facilities
64 Pratt and Whitney Drive Halifax International Airport
Goffs, NS 
B2T 0H4


Phone: 902-873-3627

Hours of operation

Monday - Friday: 24/7
Satuday - Sunday: 24/7
STAT Holidays: 24/7
Dec 24th & 31st: Closed 5:00pm
Dec 25th: Closed
26th and Jan 1st: Closed


Warehouse capabilities

Service Availability Information
Customs Bonded YES Sub code: 5275
Cooler YES Entire warehouse
Freezer* YES Small chest freezer
Valuable Cage NO  
AVI space - Live animals YES  
X Ray* NO  
Explosive trace detection NO  
Physical Search YES  
Dangerous goods NO Inbound only
General cargo overnight YES Warehouse
Kennel overnight YES  
Live animals (AVI) overnight YES